Always Wanted to Attend a Comic-Con?

Multi-Con VR features cosplay, fan art, and celebrity panelists – all taking place in virtual reality. There are huge prizes for avatar creators themed around anime + animation. Step into a festival in a way you never thought possible.

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Avatar Contest
($10,000* Prize)

Inspired by cosplay contests at Comic-Con, the Avatar Contest is a chance for everyone at the festival to participate. Be a judge in the audience or a contestant on the stage.

* all cash prizes paid in High Fidelity Coin


Celebrity Guests
& Panelists

Panelists, speakers, performers — More announced shortly. Stay tuned!


Fan Art
& Cosplay

Submit your art to the Creator Corner or wear it in the form of an avatar. Reserve your ticket for more information. (Image Credit: Minerva X by Tipatat Chennavasin )

What is Multi-Con VR?

A celebration of fandom, Multi-Con VR is an event series obsessed with creativity and VR. Expect cosplay, celebrities, fan art, themed-trivia with big cash prizes, and a mind-blowing VR universe. 

Look for These Upcoming Events

• Multi-Con VR: Anime + Animation Universes (March 16)
• Multi-Con VR: Fantasy + Sci-Fi  Universes (April 27)
• Multi-Con VR: Comic Book Universes (June 8)

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Early Bird Badges Available
Before March 1


$10,000* Prize 1st Place Winner of the Avatar Contest

Enter your avatar inspired by characters from Anime + Animation for a chance to win huge cash prizes. Get inspired by your favorites: No-Face, a classic princess, or even Big Chungus. Cosplay is encouraged and rewarded! The winner is voted by attendees.

  • $10,000* 1st Place

  • $5,000* 2nd Place

  • $1,000* 3rd Place

  • $300* Every Avatar in the Contest

Register for more information.

James Arnold Taylor Performs “Talking to Myself”

Voice-Actor for Spiderman, Fred Flintstone, and Obi-Wan recreates scenes from some of Hollywood's biggest films as well as many of the characters from his work in animation. Don’t miss this show’s debut in VR!

Guest James Arnold Taylor (Voice Actor)
Guests MythBusters Build Team

MythBusters Build Team

Stars of Emmy-nominated MythBusters tell stories from 12 seasons of creating explosive television. The Build Team: Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara share their adventures while searching for scientific truth.

Pencil Vase avatar by OB_Productions
'Pencil Vase' avatar by OB_Productions

Calling All 3D Modelers!

Want to enter the Avatar Contest but not sure how to get started? Designing for High Fidelity is an exciting way to earn money and grow your skills.

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